Preparing sessions for an analogue mix.

Preparing a session for mixing has always been important to me - despite inevitably starting a mix while recording. Post-recording and pre-analogue mix, it was really important for me to take the time to prep the ProTools session for mixing. This is to ensure the results are as controlled as possible, but also for a clean and organised workflow in what is my first time using no in-the-box processing.

Below are a few screen shots of the different sessions. Out of habit I find myself beginning the mixing while recording, e.g. balancing, reverbs and some effects and sub grouping - all of which had to be removed prior to starting the mix.


Recording sessions:


OTB session ready for mixing:

All the tracks had been returned to 0dBFS and all plugins removed & pan pots zero'd.

I’d also rendered/consolidated all the audio files after some minor editing and compiling the best takes. This is mostly to ensure there's no clicks or pops that would interrupt the mixing workflow.